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Serenity Family Law

"To look at challenges from a different perspective and with radical thinking so that we can achieve Excellence"

What does our Ethos mean?

To you: Whatever your challenge is, be it Divorce, contact or education law, we will bring the most modern approaches and radical thinking to help you achieve your goals. This could mean challenging the status quo on your behalf to simply how we charge our clients in an affordable and flexible way, reacting to the needs at the time.

To us: Everything we do, we seek to excel at. We will use modern approqaches, theorry and working practice to ensure that we break from the mould to achieve our business goals. We are always looking at newer and better ways to approach both problems and the conventional systems. Even if something works, we will always seek to improve it through innovation, learning and flexibility.


Who we are:


We are Family Lawyers in Glasgow offering assistance in Family Law, Wills, Adults with Incapacity and Education Law. Although based primarily in Glasgow as a virtual law firm we are Scotland-wide in our practice.


Here are Serenity, we focus on divorce, operation, and child-law cases as our specialty. Additionally, we can offer help and advice in other areas that may affect your family, such as education law, and adults with incapacity (guardianships and powers of attorney).


Led by our founder and director Michael Hughes, we aim to bring over a decade of experience in family law and civil litigation to help you find a solution to your problem, using modern approaches and an empathetic ear that achieves results.

We are now offering FREE consultations. Call 0333 242 0316


Michael Hughes, Director/Solicitor |

Phone: 0333 242 0316

In legal practice for over ten years, Michael is an award-winning and hard-working solicitor with extensive experience at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Scotland. He was recognised at the 2012 Law Society Awards as the Up and Coming Solicitor of the Year, after successfully running his own department, while being fully qualified for just three years.


Passionate about family law, Michael is dedicated to ensuring that successful, modern approaches in the field are at the forefront of his practice. He uses negotiation techniques developed by the Harvard Business School, along with planning, training and coaching from the Royal Navy Leadership Academy. Plus (and not to be overlooked) a healthy dose of Scottish common sense.


An excellent researcher as well as litigator, Michael as been involved with notable cases, including Jenkins versus Gillespie which led to a whole-scale review of the law on cohabitation in Scotland.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

0333 242 0316


Robert Ramsay, Solicitor |

Phone: 0333 242 0316

Robert joined the firm in 2023 after finishing his Traineeship. He has experience in civil litigation, family law, conveyancing and immigration.

Robert can assist you in the following areas: Civil Litigation, Contact cases, Divorce, Wills and Power of Attorney and helping you buy or sell your home.

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