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Discounted Wills and Powers of Attorney: Mythbusters!

Many think that Wills and Powers of Attorney are matters best dealt with at the latter stages of life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As some may know (and I certainly do from personal experience) tragedy can strike at any stage of life. If that happens and you have no Will there are many issues that you could have sorted out rather than leave to those left behind.

  1. You can state who will be the guardian for you child(ren).

  2. You can ensure that your family is provided for as well as limiting tax issues for them such as inheritance tax.

  3. Provide properly for your dependents by ensuring funds are allocated in line with your wishes.

  4. Stop potential family disputes.

  5. Say who will look after you pets.

As for Power of Attorney, again there is no reason to not get them while young.

  1. Less expensive than obtaining Guardianship Orders from the Courts.

  2. Ensure that the people you want looking after your affairs are appointed and will do so in line with your wishes.

  3. If travelling abroad or deploying with the military, have someone you trust deal with your financial matters while you are away.

And for both: PEACE OF MIND!

If you would like a discounted will, POA or combo package then get in touch on our Contact Us page.

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